„Im/mobilities in Times of Transnational Movements: Hispano-African Drama, Poetry, and Narrative“

42a Conferencia de la African Literature Association “Justice and Human Dignity in Africa and the African Diaspora”, 6-9 de avril de 2016, Atlanta

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Moderación: Julia Borst y Juliane Tauchnitz

Mobility as a basic principle of modernity and a topic related to different forms of in/justice is a widely discussed paradigm in social sciences (Canzler; Ohnmacht). In this panel, we want to bring forward the usefulness of this paradigm for literary and cultural studies. To stress the potential and problems of a term like ‘mobility’, we further­more contextualize – or ‘reterritorialize’ – it within a larger debate that includes related concepts such as transnationalism or diaspora which –following newer notions– emphasize mobility processes and exchange (Bauböck/Faist). Moreover, we will broaden the focus and take into consideration the ambiguity and ambivalence of these terms in a modern/colonial world, that is, embrace questions of both mobility and immobility related to asymmetrical, hegemonic and partially ‘racialized’ power positions that intersect with constructed categories of difference (Nicholson/Sheller), an aspect that tends to be neglected in research on both mobility (Ferry/Sheller) and diasporic and transnational movements.

The individual talks therefore trace issues of freedom of movement vs. restrictions on mobility and forced im/mobility in the context of mi­gra­tion and refugee movements in the 20th and 21st centuries in Hispano-African drama, poetry, and narrative with a particular focus on the rarely studied fields of Hispano-Morrocan, Saharaui and Afro-Spanish literary productions.

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Dorothy Odartey-Wellington (Universidad de Guelph):
“Walls, Borders, and Fences in Hispano–Saharawi Creative Expression”
M’bare Ngom (Morgan State University):
“Transterritoriality and the Construction of Identity in North African Literature in Spanish”
Juliane Tauchnitz (Universidad de Leipzig):
The Challenge of the Strait. From the Migratory Drama in the Mediterranean to the Hispano-Maghrebian Dramatic Text”
Julia Borst (Universidad de Bremen):
“Being Im/Mobile: Migrant Characters in Afro-Spanish Narratives”